Gas shielded welding wire technology in GMAW semi-automatic mode

2019/6/3 14:44:26

Semi-automatic gas shielded welding is widely used in ships, bridges, locomotives, steel structures, petrochemicals and other industries. It is suitable for a variety of welded structures. Its main advantages are improved work efficiency, which is 1.5 times that of manual welding. Avoiding the quality of welds caused by human factors and other factors, the general non-performing rate of manual operation is about 20%, and the automatic welding trolley does not have the resulting poor welding rate, so its comprehensive benefit is nearly 200% higher than manual welding.

The automatic welding mode is high to ensure the stability of the welding quality. In the welding, the gas shielded welding output device is integrated with the ordinary gas shielded welder. The only difference is that auxiliary equipment is added to the welding.


One is the running track using the gear bar track, and the other is the swinging motor at the welding end. Widely used in thin-wall welding, fillet welding can also be performed by adjusting the position and angle of the welding torch. The trolley body, the swinging device and the control panel are integrated into one body, and can be welded while walking on the rail.

With a linear swing function. Various dynamic parameters such as the swing mode, the swing amplitude, the swing speed, the swing center position, and the left and right dwell time can be adjusted. Use the digital display to display the speed of the car.

In order to prevent the occurrence of undercut and under-welding during welding, the left and right swing stop time adjustment function is set. With current and voltage regulation and jog wire feeding.
When welding
To ensure that there is no strong wind blowing in the site, the gas should be welded with a mixture of gas, that is, 80% argon gas to 20% carbon dioxide is used for argon-rich welding. The use of this gas allows the spatter in the weld to be reduced and the weld bead to be aesthetically pleasing. The gas flow rate is controlled above 12, and the distance of the conductive port in the welding cannot be too high, which may cause gas to get involved. Place the running track in the center of the weld to adjust the angle.

Welding wire adopts 1.2 specification
The wire distance cannot be directly attached to the weld to prevent arcing short circuit. The first step of the root filling is thinned with a small current welding parameter. In the welding, please be careful not to appear deviation, the filling of the first layer should control the temperature and the roots should not be burned. In the second layer welding, the swing mode can be used, that is, the swing frequency and the swing distance are set using the swing device.

When welding the second time
Do not stay on both sides, the weld of the second layer in the weld completely covers the first layer of filling. In the welding of the cover surface, the residence time on both sides should be increased in the adjustment parameters, and the pause time is to prevent the two sides from being unilateral. Before welding the cover, pay attention to the thickness of the filling layer not exceeding the edge of the weld, and the width is smaller than the groove. The speed of the sports car should be reduced in the cover to increase the height of the weld. Pay attention to the use of welding anti-blocking paste during welding to effectively prevent splash particles from blocking the conductive port.


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