National and American standards for welding rods

2019/2/20 15:46:30

    GB/T 983-1995 AWS A5.4-92 stainless steel electrode
    GB/T 984-1985 AWS A5.13-80 surfacing electrode
    GB/T 3669-1983 AWS A5.3-91 Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Welding Rod
    GB/T 3670-1995 AWS A5.6-84 copper and copper alloy electrode
    GB/T 5117-1995 AWS A5.1-91 carbon steel electrode
    GB/T 5118-1995 AWS A5.5-96 low alloy steel electrode
    GB/T 5293-1999 AWS A5.17-97 carbon steel welding wire and flux for submerged arc welding
    GB/T 8110-1995 AWS A5.18-93A5.28-86 Carbon steel, low alloy steel welding wire for gas shielded welding
    GB/T 9406-1988 AWS A5.7-84 copper and copper alloy wire
    GB/T 10044-1988 AWS A5.15-90 cast iron welding rod and welding wire
    GB/T 10045-1988 AWS A5.20-95 carbon steel flux cored wire
    GB/T 10858-1989 AWS A5.10-92 aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire
    GB/T 12470-1990 AWS A5.23-97 low alloy steel submerged arc welding flux
    GB/T 13814-1992 AWS A5.11-90 nickel and nickel alloy electrode
    GB/T 15620-1995 AWS A5.14-89 nickel and nickel alloy wire
    GB/T 17493-1998 AWS A5.29-80 low alloy steel flux cored wire
    GB/T 17854-1999 -- Stainless steel welding wire and flux for submerged arc welding
    GB/T 17853-1999 AWS A5.22-95 stainless steel flux cored wire
    JB/T 3168.1-1999 AWS A5 welding alloy powder technical conditions
    JB/T 6964-1993 S A5 steel welding rod